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Journal Submissions

We are currently accepting submissions for

the Fall 2023 volume of the Journal.

Founded in 1989, the Journal provides a forum for undergraduate scholars to showcase research across all of the social sciences, including but not limited to politics, economics, public policy, law, international relations, and sociology. 



We accept submissions of completed works of research from undergraduate students, both domestic and international. Submissions from non-undergraduates, while appreciated, will not be considered for publication. Successful submissions cover a wide variety of subjects, but share the qualities of original scholarship, cogent argumentation, and thorough research. Though there is no page limit or minimum, selected articles are typically at least 25 pages in length, double spaced. Papers with an interdisciplinary focus are encouraged, but not necessary.


We are now accepting submissions for the Summer 2023 volume of the Journal. To submit your work, please click on the "Submit Your Work" button below. The deadline to submit your work will be May 20, 2023.​​ We look forward to reading your work.

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