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To our Past & Present Readers, Editors, and Contributors: 


The Columbia Journal of Politics & Society strives to uphold our mission of providing a forum for undergraduate discourse on issues of law and public policy. Though we remain nonpartisan, we stand firmly with the Black Lives Matter movement and aim to uphold anti-racist values in our work and in our organization. 


The JPS supports the Black Lives Matter movement and those protesting for justice for black Americans. Black Lives Matter, at its core, transcends the level of the political and is, notably, a human rights movement -- but one whose effects will, hopefully, reestablish the workings of local, state, and federal governments in the US and globally. 


We recognize that African Americans have been victims of systems of state-sanctioned racism and violence, and that police brutality is just one tragic product of these systems. We hope to do our part, as scholars, editors, students, and researchers, to support the black community, through sharing important resources and working to amplify the voices of black people in the JPS, at Columbia, and beyond.  At the same time, we understand that racism and related barriers exist within academia, and the JPS will purposefully shift to include more dialogue on issues of race and work to lift these barriers and support a more diverse and inclusive academic space.  


We are listing a few important resources, for learning, research, and donation, below. The board will also be including a Black Lives Matter tab on our new website (to be announced soon), with a more comprehensive listing of resources, to be updated on a frequent basis. 


We must all do our part in this historic time. 


In Solidarity, 


The 2020 - 21 Board, The Columbia Journal of Politics & Society 



Resources For Researchers:

  • Anti-Racist and Black Liberation Archives in Columbia’s Collections:


From the JPS Archive: 

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