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In its 4 decade long history, the Helvidius group has seen 35 editorial boards. Many of our alumni have gone on to become global thought leaders in their respective fields. 

We strongly encourage all previous and present members of the Helvidius group as well as the contributors to join our ever increasing LinkedIn community. 

The outgoing Editorial Board is as follows: 


34th Editorial Board:

Executive Board

Editor in Chief

Ciara O’Muircheartaigh


Lead Senior Editor

Astrid Wik Hallaraaker



Matthew Wayland


Director of Outreach

Peter Rutkowski


Director of Operations

Clayton Becker


Editorial Board

Senior Editors

Abigail Melbourne

Daniel Jang

Tracy Chen

Chloe Dennison

Devyani Goel

Henry Eckrich

Izzie Rivera

Jeonmook Lim

Associate Editors

Coleman Sherry

Alexis Johnson

Susie Park

Abigail Kleiman

Adithya Raajkumar

Sam Cardwell–Operations Team

Annie Kim

Julianne Kim

Cindy Zhang

James Yiu

Claire Choi

Karina Feng

Carlyle Morgan

Philipp Eibl

Akshat Singh

Alexa Masseur

Dante Silva

Elizabeth Herman

Hailey Cherry

Max Ozerov

Eden Halpert

Rhe-Anne Tan

Alexis Tyndall

Amad Ross

Jacob Mazzarella

Kay Barber

Emily Olson

Bertina Kudrin


Administrative Advisor

Veronica Baran, Office of Student Development & Activities

Faculty Advisors

Van C. Tran, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Peter Bearman, Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Policy and Research


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