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As part of our continuing effort to publish the best in undergraduate scholarship, Helvidius has begun a series of web summaries featuring some of the excellent articles that are not available in the print edition. See below for articles we have uploaded since the Spring 2013 submission cycle!

10/22/2019-Senior Editor Chloe Dennison reviews a paper focusing on Iran’s use of insurgent groups in its foreign policy.

10/07/2019-Senior Editor Daniel Jang reviews a paper on the psychology of those who join extremist groups.

9/30/2019 – Associate Editor Adithya Raajkumar examines a more technical paper on legislative scrutiny in countries with presidential systems.

9/30/2019 – Senior Editor Coleman Sherry looks at Dan Szetela’s work on pollution protests in Moscow.

2/18/2019 – Associate Editor Susan Zhou writes a feature on Isabella’s Issa submission, focused upon the populist movement in the European Union.

2/02/2019 – Associate Editor Emily Eget takes a look at a paper analyzing the negative link between terrorist attacks on Italian soil and the nation’s Mafia.

1/23/2019 – Associate Editor Abby Kleiman reviews a paper examining the relationship between discrimination law and socioeconomic status of same-sex households in the US.

12/9/2017 – Associate Editors Sam Baron and Nikki-Shaner Bradford review a paper on the myth of the “hyper-fertility” of black women.

12/6/2017 – Associate Editor Upasna Saha analyzes a paper on the effect of digital medicine on incarcerated individuals.

11/30/2017 – Associate Editor Peter Rutkowski reviews a piece on the effects of gerrymandering on Ohio’s 9th District.

11/19/2017 – Associate Editor Debbie Leung looks at a paper on the correlation between free trade and environmental protection.

10/31/2017 – Associate Editor Matt Wayland analyzes a paper on the effects of former Sec. of State James Baker on post-Cold War politics.

10/28/2017 – Associate Editor Akanksha Ashok examines the strategy of apartheid divest activists at Harvard and Columbia.

10/26/2017 – Associate Editor Chloe Dennison reviews a piece on the effects of sexual health education among Cameroonian youth.

4/27/2017 – Associate Editor Connor Haseley and Priya Mishra both look at a paper on the difficulties behind planning mass transit.

4/20/17 – Associate Editor Ciara O’Muircheartaigh reviews a piece on the relationship between Louis XIV and his playwright.

4/15/17 – Associate Editor Stephanie Choi takes a look into the politicization of torture. 

4/3/17 – Associate Editor Uma Gonchigar reviews a piece on the IAEA, its participants, and nuclear inspections.

3/26/17 – Associate Editor Upasna Saha reviews an analysis of UN Peacekeepers in modern UN operations.

3/19/17 – Associate Editor Sunny Chen summarizes an analysis of the relationship between revolution, repression, and funk music.

2/7/17 – Associate Editor Iris Frangou examines early modern cosmopolitan life through the lens of Costantino de’ Servi.

2/7/17 – Associate Editor Iris Frangou assesses a comparative analysis of Egypt and Libya during the Arab Spring.

11/3/16 – Associate Editor Uma Gonchigar examines a look at the global organ harvesting market.

10/30/16 – Associate Editor Ryan Joel assesses an argument that the Illinois Gestational Surrogacy Act is racist.

10/17/16 – Associate Editor Kelly Butler examines a look into ISIS’s online recruitment strategy.

4/24/16 – Associate Editor Amy Gong Liu reviews a look into the politics of the term “genocide”.

4/13/16 – Associate Editor Melanie Shi reviews an exploration of China Dream art’s role in fashioning a cult of personality around Xi Jinping.

4/10/16 – Associate Editor Sean Choi assesses a proposed Korean reunification strategy in which South Korea provides unilateral, unconditional aid to North Korea.

4/9/16 – Associate Editor Hari Patel reviews an analysis of potential “returns on bribery,” or benefits that firms gain from bribery.

2/28/16 – Associate Editor Kunal Kanodia reviews an investigation of the correlation between electoral gender quotas and reporting of sexual assault cases in India.

2/25/16 – Associate Editor Katie Mimini reviews an analysis of the future economic impacts of adolescent sleep patterns.

2/20/16 – Associate Editor Yisehak Abraham reviews an examination of the relationship between altruism and lottery ticket purchasing trends.

11/19/15 – Associate Editor Eren Villa reviews an analysis of the relationship between education expenditures and primary school student levels in different regions of China.

11/17/15 – Associate Editor Sam Henick reviews an analysis of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act (HHKA) of 2010.

11/12/15 – Associate Editor Kevin Wu reviews an analysis of why the U.S. has adopted its current stance on depleted uranium weapons.

11/10/15 – Associate Editor Kunal Kanodia reviews an analysis of the connection between polio immunization rates in Pakistan and U.S. covert drone strikes.

11/5/15 – Associate Editor Kaatje Greenberg reviews an analysis of the causes of the Second Chechen War.

10/29/15 – Associate Editor Jordan Singer reviews an analysis of Belisario Bentancur’s struggle for presidential legitimacy in Colombia.

10/27/15 – Associate Editor Alice Hu reviews an examination of the causes of voting behavior in Russia’s 2011 State Duma elections.

10/22/15 – Associate Editor Matthew Zipf reviews an analysis of the economic motives for northern-bound migrants in post-USSR Europe.

10/20/15 – Associate Editor Marielle Alvino reviews an examination of the causes of the 1937 economic downturn.

10/15/15 – Associate Editor Emily Yeh reviews an analysis of Jordan’s evolving response to a recent influx of Syrian refugees.

5/11/15 – Associate Editor Gabriella Levy reviews an analysis of the rollout of

4/25/15 – Former Executive Editor Chris Meyer reviews University of the South undergraduate James Szewczyk’s analysis of gay rights activism among deeply religious communities.

4/13/15– Senior Editor Franco Maddalena reviews an analysis of the causes of state level corruption in the United States.

4/12/15– Associate Editor Samuel Henick reviews an examination of the University of Pennsylvania’s role in leading the way in Philadelphia.

3/24/15– Senior Editor Sidarth Singh reviews Dora Heng’s analysis of incentivized investment in research and development in the agricultural sector in Asia.

3/23/15– Associate Editor Sarah Schutz reviews Jesse Neugarten’s evaluation of the role that educational attainment has on political instability and the rate of state failure across Africa.

3/15/15 – Final web review of the Fall 2014 Journal! Former Executive Editor Chris Meyer reviews UC-Davis undergraduate Rebecca Ewert’s analysis of gender identity and drag performances. See the paper here!

3/10/15– Associate Editor Devika Kapadia reviews Viola Rothschild’s analysis of Mass Media and Multigenerational Memory in Sino-Japanese Relations.

2/18/15 –  Georgetown undergraduate Haley Lepp examines the rise of Big Data, and the regulations it should entail. See her paper here!

1/10/15 – A double-feature today! Our new Lead Senior Editor, Jim Yoon, looks at George Washington undergraduate Kelly Quinn’s statistical analysis of New York City’s publicized pre-kindergarten program. See the paper here!

1/10/15 – We enter the new year with a fascinating statistical analysis of anti-bullying technology in public school districts. Read Georgetown undergraduate Sohayle Sizar’s paper here!

11/10/14 – Our latest research summary features an original discussion of how community formation in Peru has affected quality of life for Lima residents.

11/5/14 – Associate Editor Isaac Abraham reviews a nuanced discussion of cash transfer policies to assist Kenyan children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic.

11/3/14 – Associate Editor Partha Sharma reviews Swarthmore College senior Shivani Mantha’s discussion of  reforms to drug rehabilitation programs in New York City.

10/23/14 – Associate Editor Veniamin Gushchin reviews a penetrating analysis of township housing in South Africa.

10/21/14 – Why has a normally belligerent Russian regime cooperated with other states in the economic exploitation of the North Pole? Associate Editor Alastair Pearson reviews a paper on the topic by Tyler Ditmore of Pepperdine University.

10/9/14 – Associate Editor Roma Patel summarizes a highly original examination of museum impression books at the Bosnian Historical Museum in Sarajevo.

10/7/14 – Associate Editor Jenny Li reviews a fascinating analysis of the homosexual community in Pakistan, and how they operate within a restrictive framework of political control. View the article and summary here!

6/30/14 – Executive Editor Chris Meyer reviews Swarthmore College undergraduate Daniel Block’s political science paper on lying to campaign canvassers.

6/24/14 – Executive Editor Chris Meyer reviews Carissa Flocken’s political psychology paper on the presidential motives underlying cabinet turnover.

6/16/14 – Director of Strategy Jim Yoon handles a more light-hearted submission to the Journal. Paul Asercion’s paper dissects modern music to find the specific traits that can help make a regular song a Billboard hit.

6/14/14 – Senior Editor Katherine Jin reviews innovative examination of the profits of politically connected corporations by Vamika Bajaj of the University of Michigan.

6/12/14 – Senior Editor Nick Hallock reviews a comprehensive study of airline deregulation across three continents by Vanderbilt student Jeremy Chua.

6/10/14 – Senior Editor Jonah Belser reviews a highly original examination of the “Soccer War” – a 1969 conflict between El Salvador and Honduras – by Notre Dame undergraduate Chris Newton.

6/10/14 – Senior Editor Ragnhild Nauste reviews a paper by Caroline Andridge of the University of Michigan, in which Andridge evaluates the selection criteria of the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

6/4/14 – Executive Editor Chris Meyer reviews a paper by Hayley Evans, who is also from the University of Notre Dame, and who proposes a series of policy recommendations to stem the tide of human trafficking in the Republic of Ireland.

6/3/14 – Executive Editor Chris Meyer reviews a paper by David Kaye of George Washington University, which examines the conflict between exogenous price shocks and the willingness of farmers to set aside land for environmental preservation.

5/16/14 – Executive Editor Chris Meyer reviews a paper by Hank Eckardt of the University of Notre Dame, which looks at the impact of societal diversity on levels of life satisfaction. View the article and summary here!

5/1/14 – Senior Editor Joey Levy reviews a paper by Samantha Payne at the College of William & Mary, which examines the role of education during the Civil War and early antebellum periods.

4/27/14 – Senior Editor Nick Hallock reviews New York University student Elaine Olla’s highly original examination of the Communist Party of the United States and how it sought out recruits on college campuses.

4/21/14 – Senior Editor Isaac Park reviews University of Michigan student Hanlin Yang’s exploration of equitable public school funding in Michigan.

4/15/14 – Editor-in-Chief Robert Baldwin reviews Emory University student Yunjing Li’s penetrating statistical exploration of government surveillance in cyberspace.

4/9/14 – Managing Editor Aiden Slavin reviews Duke University senior Anna Koelsch’s comprehensive examination of media responses to the Sandy Hook shootings.

3/28/14 – Lead Senior Editor Matthew Michaelides reviews Colorado College graduate Philip Angelides’s paper on mass migration and its impacts on Greek identity.

2/28/14 – Our Director of Strategy, Jim Yoon, reviews Yale student Ruoxi Yu’s discussion of Hepatitis B in China.

2/23/14 – Helvidius publisher Maria Laposata examines Vanderbilt student Tyler Bishop’s paper on the portrayal of women in the gun rights debate.

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