Why join the Journal of Politics & Society?

Associate Editor applications for the Spring 2019 Editorial Board are due at 11:59pm on Thursday, January 31st. You may apply below.

Working as a Helvidius Group member is a great opportunity for both those interested in law school or graduate work in the social sciences and those interested in careers in publishing, journalism, public policy, international affairs, consulting, and business.

Major benefits of joining include a rigorous training curriculum, members-only speakers’ series, a vast and impressive alumni network, and exposure to the best highest-quality undergraduate research. Take a look at our presentation from the Fall 2014 information session for more information.

How to apply to be an Associate Editor

All members must begin as Associate Editors but opportunities also exist for those interested in business, marketing, event planning, and management. Please use the application below.

Associate Editor Application

  • General Information

  • Questionaire

  • Please limit your response to no more than 300 words
  • Please limit your response to no more than 200 words
  • Please limit your response to no more than 300 words
  • Please limit your response to no more than 200 words
    Business position responsibilities include managing our national distribution network, soliciting advertisements, and acting as a liaison to our individual and institutional subscribers.
  • Editing Test

  • It can be avoided by nobody. If one lives long enough, they will eventually be impacted by the debilitating malignancy known as cancer. Even if individual is lucky enough to escape cancer themselves, it is likely that a close friend or family member will be striked by a malignant neoplasm. Cancer diagnoses are so prevalent that a recent study by the National Cancer Institute estimated that more than 12,590,000 people and children have had or were currently battling cancer in the United States alone. This number excludes the estimated 577,190 deaths per year as cancer prevalence indices only account for individuals that are still alive. (National) Further statistic analysis reveals an even more disturbing number, cancer accounts for an estimated 25% of the total deaths in the United States per year. As staggering as this number sounds, it is only a fraction compared to other nations where the percentage is much, much, much higher (National). Such quantitative data serves a practical purpose as it brings cancer’s shear devastation into perspective. The prevalence of cancer suggests that public awareness should be significantly heightened in order for everyday citizens to be well informed and able to make conscious decisions in regards to their health.

  • Instructions: Please copy and paste the paragraph above into a Word document and use track changes to edit. Upload your edited version upon completion.
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