Associate Spotlight: Adem Sengal

We continue our series of associate spotlights with Adem Sengal, a first-year in Columbia College and an associate editor for JPS. Our publisher, Roma Patel, sat down with Adem this week.

Roma: What’s your intended major and how did you decide?10157269_10201981655763992_6135747505728389923_n

Adem: I’m considering Economics-Political Science because I’m interested in economic development, and that involves a lot of political theory as well.

Roma: What are you most passionate about?

Adem: The power of politics. I believe that politics and policy can make meaningful changes in people’s lives, so I’m interested in exploring what I can do in that field.

Roma: Who do you draw most influence from?

Adem: My dad. He inspired my passion for politics.

Roma: What is your favorite thing about Columbia so far? About JPS?

Adem: My favorite thing about Columbia is New York City. About JPS, I really enjoy the editing process, and the people are all great.

Roma: On a related note, how did you hear about and join JPS?

Adem: I heard from my friends in the organization.

Roma: What are your hobbies or interests outside your major?

Adem: I enjoy long walks on the beach, online chess, leisurely reading if time permits.

Roma: Where are you from?

Adem: Houston, Texas.

Roma: Were you born and raised there?

Adem: I was. Texas born and bred.

Roma: What’s your favorite thing about Houston?

Adem: God, that’s tough. The weather right now.

Roma: What is an interesting fact about you that not many people know about?

Adem: I asked Stephen Colbert who the greatest American was, and he said Abraham Lincoln. He even included Lincoln in the last episode of the Colbert Report, so I basically consulted him.

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