The Board

The 27th Editorial Board of the Helvidius Group brings together a variety of intellectual strengths and academic disciplines.

27th Editorial Board









Executive Board
Editor in Chief
Robert Baldwin

Robert Baldwin is a junior in Columbia College, majoring in Economics-Philosophy and concentrating in Statistics. He is from Houston, Texas, and enjoys exploring new parts of New York City, running in Riverside Park, and playing the guitar. This summer, he will be interning at Goldman Sachs in their Global Investment Research division.

Executive Editor
Christopher Meyer

Chris Meyer is a junior from Connecticut in the College, studying History and Political Science. His interests include post-Enlightenment political philosophy, academic colonial North America, and international relations. Chris is also involved in debate and journalism on campus. He will be interning at The Blackstone Group this summer.

Lead Senior Editor
Matthew Michaelides

Matthew Michaelides is a junior in Columbia College from Houston, TX majoring in Political Science and concentrating in Economics and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. He has experience studying Russian foreign policy and has published articles in the Journal of Undergraduate International Studies, the Columbia Political Review, and the Journal of Political Risk on the topic. This summer, he will be participating in an advanced Portuguese language study in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

Maria Laposata

Maria Laposata is a junior studying Economics in Columbia College. She hails from Nashville by way of Boston. Maria enjoys hot yoga, pilates, rock climbing, and finding new, delicious recipes. This summer she will be interning as a Private Client Associate with AllianceBernstein, before heading off to Paris to study Economics at The Sorbonne for the fall semester.

Managing Editor
Aiden Slavin

Aiden Slavin is a freshman in the College from New York City. He is deeply interested in Economics and Art History and will be working at the MET this summer.

Director of Strategy
Jong In (Jim) Yoon

Jong In (Jim) Yoon is a rising junior at Columbia College. He is originally from South Korea, but currently resides in New Jersey. He is double majoring in Political Science and East Asian Languages and Cultures. He is a huge baseball fan, and is interested in the new sabermetric movement that tries to evaluate players more objectively. This summer, he will be interning for a law firm in South Korea. He hopes to work for Major League Baseball in some capacity in the future.

Editorial Staff
Senior Editors

Jonah Belser is a sophomore from Long Island, New York, majoring in Political Science with a specialty in comparative politics. In the future, he is looking to pursue a career in either politics or law and is excited to intern at the global law firm Sidley Austin this summer and gain exposure to the legal profession. Jonah is currently working as a research assistant for Professor Alfred Stepan at the School of International and Public Affairs. Previously, he designed and coordinated a cardiology research project at Stony Brook University Hospital and interned at Congressman Tim Bishop’s office, where he contributed to a successful re-election campaign. During his free time, Jonah can be found composing music and singing with his band Standard Delivery, going out to eat with friends, and drinking coffee on campus at Joe’s.

Nick Hallock was raised in New York City and London and lives in Irvington, New York. He is a freshman in Columbia College planning to major in Economics-Political Science. This summer he will work for a member of the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C.

Katherine Jin (No bio)

Joey Levy is a freshman in Columbia College with prospective majors in Financial Economics and History. Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Joey enjoys spending time at the beach, running fantasy baseball pools, and watching movies. This summer, Joey plans on spending time in Israel and interning at SBA Communications as an Accounting and Site Leasing intern.

Ragnhild Nauste is a junior in Columbia College, majoring in Political Science. She hails from Oslo, the capital of Norway, where she attended the University of Oslo. While completing her first year there, she was accepted to Columbia on the Holst scholarship, which is given to one Norwegian student for three years of studies in Political Science at Columbia College. After graduating high school, Ragnhild took a year off from studying and worked as a substitute teacher at an elementary school. During this gap year, she also spent three months traveling around the world. This summer, she will be going back to Norway to see family and friends, work, go to music festivals, and hopefully do some traveling.

Isaac is a third-year Middle Eastern Studies major at Columbia College from Chicago. Before coming to Columbia, Isaac studied at Boston College and worked with Al-Noor Journal, an undergraduate journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic studies. Isaac currently also works for Professor Joseph Massad in the Department of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies and was a peer educator at Men’s Peer Education at the Sexual Violence Response Center. He will be in Brooklyn this summer living his own version of HBO’s Girls. 

Sejal Singh is a junior in Columbia College from Singapore majoring in Political Science. In addition to her work with the Journal, she is President of the Columbia Democrats and the incoming Vice President of Policy for the Columbia College Student Council. This summer, she’s going to be a Fisher Civil Liberties Fellow at the New York Civil Liberties Union, where she’ll be fighting mass incarceration, voter suppression, and gender discrimination. She’s best known for her bad Core-themed puns, love for two-toed sloths, and strongly held opinions on 20th century Supreme Court Justices.

Associate Editors

(Russell) Sturdy Adams is a sophomore at Columbia College. He is an Economics major with a concentration in Jazz Studies. Though a jazz pianist and composer, he also enjoys racing sailboats as navigator. This summer he plans to work on his orchestral composition skills and perform jazz piano in the San Francisco Bay Area before he leaves for England to attend The University of Oxford next year, where he will study Philosophy, Politics & Economics.

Peter Bailinson is a sophomore in Columbia College studying East Asian Languages and Cultures and Economics. His interests include economic development in emerging markets, hiking, skiing, and pop music production. This summer he will be interning at an international relations think tank in Washington, D.C.

Hahn Chang is a junior in Columbia College from Minnesota studying Political Science and Computer Science. He enjoys running, going on adventures, playing board games, and reading the news. Hahn speaks Turkish and is a huge Minnesota Twins fan. This summer, he is teaching rising ninth graders at a summer school with Breakthrough Collaborative in Minneapolis.

Janet Chen is a freshman from Boulder, Colorado, studying Economics and Political Science in the College. She spends her time exploring the city and searching for the perfect coffee shop.

Kevin Chen is a freshman in Columbia College with a prospective major in Anthropology and/or Economics. His interest in the social sciences was first piqued in fifth grade when he began reading atlases for fun. This summer, he will be volunteering for the Wendy Davis for Texas campaign and also for DiverseWorks, a Houston-based non-profit organization that supports, exhibits, and commissions works for newly emerging contemporary artists. In addition to his work with the Journal, he is also a writer for the Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs blog and a dancer for Raw Elementz dance crew.

Hunter Augustin Pribyl-Huguelet is a John Jay Scholar and a member of Columbia College class of 2017. He plans to major in History with a focus on modern European Social History.  As a Global Scholar, Hunter will spend this summer riding the trans-Siberian railway and visiting Moscow, Berlin, Ekaterinburg, Ulan Bator, and Beijing to study the impact of Soviet style planning on the urban landscape. Hunter has lived on 2 continents, in 4 countries, and 5 U.S. states. He has traveled to 5 continents, 31 countries, 8 protectorates, and all 48 contiguous U.S. states. He has learned particle physics from a project leader at the CERN supercollider, has shaken hands with dictators, founded charities, written epics, and orated at Hyde Park Corner. Currently, Hunter drinks copious cups of coffee, translates Latin texts, and edits for the Columbia University Journal of Politics & Society.

Eli Schultz (No bio)

Sarah Schutz is a junior in Barnard College majoring in Economics and Statistics with a concentration in U.S. History. Outside of spending time with her fabulous fellow editors, Sarah is a lead activist of the Columbia University Democrats and an avid cook and baker. This summer, Sarah will be working as a financial analyst intern for Morgan Stanley. She also hopes to head back home to the Jersey Shore, where she will spend her time crabbing, walking her dog on the beach, and renewing her boating license.

Jonah Smith is a senior in Columbia College studying Sociology and Statistics. He is interested in education and the modes of creation, representation, and distribution of information introduced by digital technologies. This summer he will be working on data visualization projects at the engineering firm Buro Happold before returning to Columbia in the fall to pursue masters degrees in both journalism and computer science. When he is not staring at screens, you can find him reading or playing one of the altogether too many instruments he has picked up over the years.

Harrison Stetler is a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in History, with a specific focus on 20th century intellectual and diplomatic history. He is from Boston, Massachusetts, but loves the New York life. 

Yixin (Sunny) is a sophomore in Columbia College, hailing from Rhode Island, who is majoring in Economic-Statistics and minoring in Math. Outside of JPS, Sunny is involved with the Lion Credit Union Initiative, Chinese Students Club, and loves swimming. This summer, she will be doing business development for Atikus, a social entrepreneurship start-up building an insurance company for micro finance loans in Rwanda. 

Sibo Wang is a senior in Columbia College studying Political Science. He is originally from China but was raised in Houston, Texas. Sibo spends his days catching up with friends, online shopping for shoes, and online shopping for shoes with friends. After four years in the Morningside bubble, Sibo will venture a few blocks uptown to work for Teach for America.

Grant Yuan is a junior in the College studying Financial Economics and Mathematics. Born in Scotland but raised in Houston, Texas, he is an avid soccer fan and also enjoys playing squash, drawing, and exploring all that New York City has to offer. This summer, Grant will be interning in the city with Credit Suisse’s Investment Banking Department.

Ruohan “Hannah” Zhang is a freshman in Columbia College studying Economics. She enjoys running, learning Arabic, and making velociraptor faces. This summer, she will be a Summer Fellow at the Roosevelt Institute, a progressive policy think tank. She will be working with the Institute’s senior fellows on policy initiatives that further women’s equality and related socioeconomic issues. She will most certainly have binders full of women.

Administrative Advisor
Zuleica Lopez, Office of Student Development & Activities

Faculty Advisors
Van C. Tran, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Peter Bearman, Director of the Institute for Social and Economic Policy and Research
Jack Snyder, Robert and Renee Belfer Professor of International Relations
Judith Russell, Adjunct Associate Professor of Political Science

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Jonah Smith
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