Senior Editor Spotlight: Tracy Chen

Tracy Chen is a junior at Columbia College studying Psychology and East Asian Languages and Cultures. This summer, Tracy interened in Hong Kong for two months, after which she traveled to South Korea to learn the language and explore Seoul!

Why did you join JPS?

I initially joined because I wanted to gain exposure to more academic disciplines and topics outside my own.

Why have you stayed on JPS?

It’s been an incredibly rewarding experience with a great group of people, and I love gaining new knowledge and perspectives from each paper I read/edit.

Which of the papers we’ve published during your time on JPS has been your favorite?

“Institutions and Missing Women: Evidence from Qing China” by Shaoyu Liu

This paper was a great read, and I also got to meet the author when he came to visit campus, so it was awesome learning about the thoughts and motivations behind his research.

What is your favorite memory from your time on JPS?

Jeopardy meetings!!!

What impact has JPS had on your Columbia experience?

Joining JPS has made be a better reader, writer, and editor, and I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of this club.

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