Senior Editor Spotlight: Devyani Goel

Devyani Goel is a sophomore at Columbia College studying Economics and Political Science. This summer, Devyani worked as a research assistant at Columbia’s Social and Moral Psychology Lab!

Why did you join JPS?

I’ve always been interested in social science research and wanted to get a taste of what an academic journal is like.

Why have you stayed on JPS?

The people! It’s great to meet up with people who are as passionate about niche social science research as you are and just nerd out for a while.

Which of the papers we’ve published during your time on JPS has been your favorite?

“Coca, Capitalism, and Decolonization: State Violence in Bolivia through Coca Policy” by Margaret Poulos 

I think it was the first paper I ever edited. It was about the Coca Law (Law 906) in Bolivia passed by the Morales administration. Not only was the subject matter incredibly interesting, but it was also obvious how strongly the author felt about the topic. It’s always nice to read an academic paper that can maintain objectivity while acknowledging the more human side of things.

What is your favorite memory from your time on JPS?

The time we played social science Jeopardy! I wasn’t very good at it, but it was still the most fun I’ve had on a regular Wednesday evening.

What impact has JPS had on your Columbia experience?

It has given me a community of some of the greatest people I’ve met on campus.

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