A Chat with Dr. Marshall

Associate Editor Emmett Werbel recently sat down with Dr. John Marshall, Assistant Professor of Political Science at Columbia University for an informational interview, recorded in the form of a podcast. The first half focuses on political economy research methods, and Dr. Marshall’s specific theses, while the latter half addresses implications of this research on global politics and media structures. Their conversation can be found here.
To read more about Dr. Marshall, feel free to visit his website: http://polisci.columbia.edu/people/profile/1682.
The papers Werbel and Dr. Marshall touch upon the podcast include:
Publicizing malfeasance: How local media facilitates electoral sanctioning of mayors in Mexico;
Signaling sophistication: How social expectations can increase political information acquisition;
Political information cycles: When do voters sanction incumbent parties for high homicide rates?;
“Priors rule: When do malfeasance revelations help and hurt incumbent parties?

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